How the hell did I get here…

My journey in the Sphere began in 1999. While working for a large Australian ISV, the new European Sales Manager insisted on structuring and optimizing our Sales process. In doing so, we were required to use something new. At that time a revolutionary CRM system by the name of Salesforce. At that point, I wasn’t aware that this decision would change my future so dramatically.

SFDC 1999
In the beginning…

For A Brief History Of head on over to Salesforce Ben

At first, it was a bit of a drag logging in and spending time entering all the data. However, after a while of reaping the benefits of structured data, and having the ability to report on it was quite rewarding. I soon found myself wanting to be “The One” meaning I wanted to be at the top of the list of users with the most intensive use of the platform. Strange how a bit of structure can motivate one to do things otherwise deemed as tedious of boring.

I must say, even though I wasn’t vastly fond of the new Head of Sales, I did acquire an insatiable taste for his suggested system of record.


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As Director of Competence Center, I am responsible as the Architect for the Leadec Rollout as well as the conceptional design of the Global Competence Center. I am responsible currently for all Leadec SFDC instances covering the Automotive and Energy & Petro Chemicals divisions. We currently serve 25 countries, 17 languages, and currencies.

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